Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Two Way Authentication To Defeat Phishing

Phishing is becoming an increasingly big problem on the net. When the end user receives an email that for all purposes appears genuine and appears to originate from a trusted source, the psychological effect is to lower the levels of suspicion the user would normally have, when asked to provide sensitive information.

There really is very little we can do to stop Phishers from making carbon copies of websites, spoofing email addresses and even buying ssl certificates to make their site appear more genuine.

However, we can beat Phishing through implementing a process of two-way authentication. Under two-way authentiation, the customer is required to prove their identity to the bank's web site and the web site must prove its authenticity to the user. This ensures both parties can be confident that they are dealing with a legitimate source. If all financial institutions adopted this login procedure, phishing could be eliminated within the banking sector.

The method is described in full at: http://www.blog.co.uk/index.php/tibbar/2006/02/14/

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