Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Anonymity mini HOWTO

Disclaimer: I strongly recommend that nobody attempts in anyway to gain
unauthorized access to any sort of computer system, as any kind of
attempt to gain unauthorized access sadly seems to be a serious
criminal offense. I'm in no way responsible for any kinda offence. Its
totally ethical stuff and there's even potential danger that you may
even get logged and even chance to get sniffed. So stay alive. Happy
Hacking :)

Hey fellas don't get annoyed by the disclaimer. It's just a formality
you know rules are always meant to be broken. So today's hot topic is
about how anonymous you are. Let's see what anonymity on web really
mean. In one line its nothing but how deep you can tunnel down the
rabbit hole without being noticed. If you ain't anonymous, may be your
first hack be your last one. Always cover your tracks, it's the basic
thing one should ensure before planning to hack the box. There are
loggers all the way. If you escape you ISP, there are routers waiting
to for your address. For those who are not good at root kits and
burning logs, I guess this could become a useful article. Before that
we just need to know how hackers make out by erasing the tracks. There
are number of compromised systems on internet whose network is named as
Botnet in Hackers Jargon. So when they wish to attack any specific
network with either brute force or just another DDOS, they just pass it
on the automated script on to the botnets for the attack. Burning the
logs is the most important thing that you should be knowing before you
do your first hack. As the topic indicates, it ain't about burning logs
it's about staying anonymous by using third party proxies. I don't
say that even that will provide you 100% anonymity. They log you each
and every click and keystroke for their security purpose. So this is a
mini HOWTO to get the best out of free proxies. First of all secure
spoof your Identity. Use finger print fuckers to erase the OS
fingerprint and the service finger prints from your host box. Then you
need to do is spoof you MAC. It's not a big deal on Linux, you write
a handy script which sets your MAC to some random series every time you
boot. Next thing is getting you job done through some compromised host
or some free anonymous proxies. There is thousands of free proxies out
there from different places on this planet and among them some are
really good and some even provide secured tunnel. Every thing depends
upon your choice. You can get the latest list of hot proxies from n Though it
ain't worked for me as I'm behind another proxy. There are some very
good site through we could tunnel out. Even we have many open source
alternative to tunnel down. I'll be giving you the list of very popular
Anonymous sites that I use. Before that there is some thing that you
should tweak on you host to ensure max anonymity. Before you connect to
internet install some good firewall to monitor every input and output.
I would insist Zone Alarm for window users. After that set you browser
setting to high security level where no ActiveX components, Java
applets, Scripts, Ads and some times even cookies are allowed. All
these settings ensure your anonymity for client side.

So how to ensure about anonymity after connection wid the third party
proxy is established. First thing check out is your IP same or
different from As soon as you confirm that it's
changed then go for IP test and WHOIS lookup. is
very good for going with these steps. If you sure enough that you are
invisible. If you are done with this! Its time to Ragna Rock! Check out
some of my fav anonymous browsing sites. As mentioned earlier never
pass your personal information on these site coz many of them are in
club with hacker's network. Always ensure the line is secured and
encrypted. There even some Hacking client software's which can
automate all the things I mentioned above. But I would rather insist
you to grow up. Script Kiddies need to evolve its time to be a real
hacker. Try to write your own scripts to connect to the proxies.
There's always danger with hack kits that they will be having custom
written Trojans that are undetectable by any spy wares or any
antivirus. Even the topic about how to create a custom Trojans is
pretty interesting. I'll be dealing about that later on. You are behind
proxy I would insist you a quite reliable platform independent software
called JAP. In general it connects with German based proxies. So you
will be on the other side of the globe. One thing I forgot even look
for trace route to ensure how you're routing is done. Get JAP from I guess this
information is enough for any good enough geek to put through. Here the
list of free browser based free proxies

* -It's pretty fast and highly anonymous.

This list goes on n on. You can even find better than these, what all
you need is a better googling. Btw do you want Google to be responsible
for these things there is a simple Google hack, where we can use Google
language translation as free proxy. Just check this link he's is simply exploiting the
feature by translating the page from English to English. Ok buddies my
battery may down any time. Any kinda quires do drop a mail or a
comment. Looking for constructive comments.
Happy Hacking,
--Lunatic 2.0 \m/

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