Friday, February 24, 2006

Losing Trust In Search Engines

Privacy. It's a pretty simple concept, at least, for an individual. When you get a group of friends together, expecting your comments and actions to remain private is a little tougher to do. But what if one or two of your friends in the group told you that you could count on them to keep your comments secret? You could reasonably believe them, right? Well, if those friends were named Yahoo or Google, then no, you couldn't.

A little background before I get started with the technical data. I run a website called, I still intend to do something with it; most likely online IP tools for forum administrators, but for now the main page is blank. It's been that way since early 2004. At one point in my life, I had no job and thought I could run a little hosting/web design business right out of college. I think we all thought we could do that at some point in our lives, and some of you might do so now. You can see the Wayback Machine Archive of my hosting business here:*/

Oh wait, you can't. Why not? Because I set my robots.txt. It has been specifically set for the last two plus years as disallow all pages according to the W3C standard and even Google's own suggestion. abides by it. At least, for the main site it does.

So who doesn't? You'll actually find a large number of search engines don't...

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