Thursday, January 26, 2006

Kaspersky Boss Debunks Security Myths

Russian antivirus guru Eugene Kaspersky has hit out at some of the myths that cloud what he sees as the real issues facing the IT security industry.

Speaking in Moscow, the head of Kaspersky Lab said companies' own agendas and some well-worn stereotypes about cybercrime stand in the way of reasoned discussion. He also criticized those who put too much faith in statistics which, taken out of context, are often dangerously misleading.

For example, figures for the past year released recently by Computer Economics show the effect of cybercrime has diminished.

But Kaspersky said: "These stats are not complete. This is often just damage to IT infrastructure, not the actual costs."

If the overall economic impact has gone down, it's not because the threat has diminished but because the hackers have become smarter and no longer seek to cause damage in the pursuit of more serious gains--such as data or identity theft and corporate espionage, Kaspersky said.

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