Saturday, January 28, 2006

Good Worms Back On The Agenda

ARLINGTON, Virginia -- A researcher has reopened the subject of
beneficial worms, arguing that the capabilities of self-spreading code
could perform better penetration testing inside networks, turning
vulnerable systems into distributed scanners.

The worms, dubbed nematodes after the parasitic worm used to kill pests
in gardens, could give security administrators the ability to scan
machines inside a corporate network but beyond a local subnet, David
Aitel, principal researcher of security firm Immunity, said at the
Black Hat Federal conference.

"Rather than buy a scanning system for every segment of your network,
you can use nematodes to turn every host into a scanner," he said
during an interview with SecurityFocus. "You'll be able to see into the
shadow organization of a network--you find worms on machines and you
don't know how they got there."

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