Friday, March 08, 2013

Public Honeynet Data – Who are the top 20 hacking countries?

Public Honeynet Data – Who are the top 20 hacking countries?
I could watch this site all day.
In case you were wondering really wondering who the top hacker countries are, theGerman Alliance for Cyber Security has a dashboard display as to what is happening on 97 honeypots around the internet. It makes for some fascinating observation of what is really happening as far as those 97 honeypots are seeing, and what kinds of attacks that hackers are unleashing on the internet.
What I thought was the most interesting was the idea in the news that Chinese hackers are going to kill everyone in the USA, when according to the data observed it is really Russia that is the most prolific by far, with the USA in 6th place and China in 12th place. According to the data, this is how the top 20 break out in terms of what this system is seeing.
Honestly I love data like this because it is fully open, and approachable. It is in an easy to understand display that would be hard to not comprehend. It would be awesome if we could get a national and international display like this so that managers can see what is happening locally at their own company in comparison to national and international hacking data. Sometimes you just have to appreciate simple elegance in data presentation. You should go check this out and watch the mayhem, data like this should be a standard everywhere so we know what the risk levels are, and what the popular attacks are of the day.
Note – I noticed this is only looking at operational traffic across the internet, and does not include sites that are infected spreading malware everywhere. I also noticed that the data is of limited use because there are no SQLI, XSS, or other scripting being reported in the stats. That means all we really see are operational network level attacks, and not some of the more popular ones out there for infected sites, and browser attacks.

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