Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Hack a Password on Windows 7 with Software

Ophcrack is an open source and free program that bypass Windows passwords by using LM hashes through rainbow tables. The Ophcrack Windows password reset is by far the fastest freeWindows 7 password hacker tool available.

The program includes the ability to import the hashes from a variety of formats, including dumping directly from the SAM files of Windows. On most computers, ophcrack can crack most passwords within a few minutes.Rainbow tables for LM hashes of alphanumeric passwords are provided for free by the developers. By default, ophcrack is bundled with tables that allows it to crack passwords no longer than 14 characters using only alphanumeric characters. Available for free download are two Windows XP tables, one small and one fast, and one Windows Vista table

Objectif Sécurité has even larger tables for purchase, intended for professional use. Larger rainbow tables contain LM hashes of passwords with all printable characters, including symbols and spaces, and are available for purchase. Ophcrack is also available as Live CD distributions which automate the retrieval, decryption, and cracking of passwords from a Windows system. One Live CD distribution is available for Windows XP and lower, as well as another for Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Live CD distributions of ophcrack are built with SliTaz GNU/Linux.Starting with version 2.3, Ophcrack also cracks NTLM hashes. This is necessary if the generation of the LM hash is disabled (this is default for Windows Vista), or if the password is longer than 14 characters (in which case the LM hash is not stored).


  1. Reset windows password, I recommend use Windows Password Reset, you can
    download it from then follow the
    instructions to reset your password, so easy and safe.

    Step1:Download Windows Password Reset from and install it.
    Step2:Burn Windows Password Reset ISO file to CD/DVD,or USB.
    Step3:Put in your newly created CD and remove your Windows Password.

    Hope this method can help you too.

    1. There are many commercial software for doing it, this post introduces a open source and free program that can do some of the things required for resetting the password.

  2. OR..
    you can just boot off the Orphcrack live CD.
    it is basically the same as Ambers

    1. which is stated in the document and is MUCH easier than the orphcrack program

    2. Yes I will also prefer using the Orphcrack live CD.


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