Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Is it only IT individuals who do hacking..?

Most of time hackers known as individuals who committed to attack some one with his/her skills in IT, but when considering the news that we listen in our day to day life, we can ask a question from our selves that does only those individuals who use hacker skills..?. I don think so, see now day it seems most big organizations use hacker skills too
As you know the SONY BMG crisis is long talked news that we heard few days ago. SONY BMG is not the only organizations who use hacker skills to businesses issues. Nowadays hackers are used by military, intelligence services and there are some hacker companies too, most known as computer security companies. The bottom line is every body need hackers and their skills; only deference is how they use them or their skills against others. Well in a way it seems hackers make somebody’s life comfortable while some one get in trouble, well what do you think..?

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