Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Modifying exe's to dll's for firewall bypass

well, as it's a cloudy sat morning, i might as well do the next installment in this little series on firewall bypass.

let's review what we now know.

We have a exe like explorer.exe which the end user trusts explicitly. If the software firewall tells Mr X that explorer.exe needs to access the internet, the user is unlikely to disagree.

The malicious hacker has a special program called injector.exe that will use the api CreateRemoteThread to force explorer.exe to run the command:


and this will cause explorer.exe to load nasty.dll into it's own memory space and then execute the entry point function DllMain (residing in nasty.dll) passing the parameter DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH to dllmain.

Ok, all good so far, but what use is this to the hacker, if all her backdoors are currently .exe's?

She needs a method of rewriting the backdoor or app as a dll. It turns out this is very simple too...

To understand what needs to be done, we first must understand how DllMain and Main differ...

Here's the prototype for a typical Main:

int main( int argc[ , char *argv[ ]

(sometimes main will not have any parameters)

and here is DllMain:

DWORD fdwReason,
LPVOID lpvReserved

they are quite different and this will cause a slight problem for us. Let's look more closely at DllMain... the only relevant parameter is fdwReason. This specifies why the DllMain is being called. It might be as a response to LoadLibrary == DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH or it could be a response to FreeLibrary == DLL_PROCESS_DETACH. We are only interested in the case DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH.

So how do we proceed... One idea might be to take the source code to an application we want to inject, and change the entry point of the app to DllMain, change the compiler options to compile as a dll and then create our own DllMain that will call the normal main function.

So let's look at a simple app, e.g. the open source ftpd "Indiftpd". This is available for download here:


The method is describ in full at : http://www.blog.co.uk/index.php/tibbar/2006/02/11/modifying_exe_s_to_dll_s_for_firewall_by~553830

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